Monday, 10 June 2013

Chocolate Nutella Army Cake

(we definitely needed a long title for this one because this cake is apparently the most AWESOME cake ever!) 

This invention is somewhat old - seeing that we baked it for Mr Minecrafter's birthday last year, however we did take cool pictures of it with the intention of sharing our how-to, and here it is in all of it's glory! 500 cakes (well not really, but it felt like it), a whole army scene set, LOADS of really junky, delicious, crumbly, melty chocolate stuff, and one really super massive board to load it all on to - because it definitely could not fit into a cake mould or baking tray! 


(and you are going to want to read this ahead of time, trust me! Don't ignore this warning like you would when you go to jump an electric fence or something, this shiz is real - so listen up!) ** just kidding about the electric fence. If you see a sign 'Do not jump this fence' then don't try to jump it.

Do not make this cake ahead of time! 

I repeat. Do not make this cake ahead of time, unless you have an industrial fridge or something really massive to keep it in. Make no mistake, this cake is BIG and if you need to refrigerate or transport it, you probably need to think about that in advance!


Assemble lots of yummy ingredients! 
  1. one very big chocolate cake,
  2. 12 chocolate muffins
  3. a big jar of Nutella
  4. loads of Maltesers (chocolate balls) 
  5. and family blocks of caramello chocolate.
We also crushed up packets of chocolate Oreo biscuits for 'dirt and ganache (that runny chocolatey, creamy stuff over on the bottom left hand corner). 



Envision a yummy, chocolatey world where little army guys don't actually go to war, but get to run around and jump in puddles of ganache and Nutella! They slosh through melted, delicious piles of caramel, Maltesers and chocolate biscuit... and climb chocolatey crumbly mountains of yumminess.

Then make some little mountains for your chocolate paradise! 


Start adding chocolate melted yumminess - more specifically Nutella and melted ganache. Let one of your little army guys out to play. (You can see by the size of the little person in the background, that this cake is MASSIVE!). 


Pile on the crumbly ingredients to make it look like a rocky landscape - add more excitable little army guys!


congratulate yourself for being totally awesome!!!

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